I searched the internet long and wide to understand what I was going to pay to clear italian customs if I bought some stuff from the USA. I found some information here and there but then when I received the package I ended up paying more than I was expecting, so now I want to share my experience, maybe it will help someone else..

let’s start saying that I am an american football player. as you may guess american football in italy is not a big thing. there are some equipment shops here and there but you don’t have many choice on items.

ok, so after a bit of looking around my understanding was that if I purchased something spending 150 euros or less (shipping included) I only had to pay the IVA tax in order to clear customs. on bigger amounts, according to many articles I read, you should pay 0 to 8% customs fee, 22% IVA and 5,5€ of customs clearing fee.

I bought stuff for around 124 euros so, being the IVA tax 22% of the value, I was expecting to pay something around 27 euros of taxes.

of course I was wrong or I wouldn’t be writing this!

it turns out that under 150 euros you, not only have to pay 22% IVA tax, but also the 5,5 euros for customs clearing: I ended up paying around 33 euros of fees.

the sites I visited for info (all in italian language) are: