Last year I travelled to Mexico with a friend to visit this wonderful country during my annual leave time. I’ve left Italy on the 19th of november 2016 and I stayed there until the 5th of december 2016, 16 days. On that date I went to Miami for 5 days and then back home.

I won’t take food and drinks into consideration because I didn’t really keep track of all meals but, in most places, food was almost inexpensive with the exception of Cancun where the prices are comparable to Italy’s.

Everybody keeps asking me how much I’ve spent

2007€ divided in: 959€ on flights, 388€ on hotels, 445€ on transfers, 216€ on activities.

I’d say Mexico is cheap as long as you stay out Yucatan and Quintana Roo. Those two regions have a strong touristic influence so they are not cheap but aren’t very expensive either when compared to Italy.


They cost me 1.918 € for 2 people, so 959€ per person with the flights to Miami being around 150€ per person.

I flew from Venice to Acapulco via Munich and Mexico City. Then another flight from Cancun to Miami and from Miami to Venice through Montreal and Bruxelles

The Hotels

All reservations were made in advance (late August, early September) via


2259mxn including all taxes, 112€ total, 66€ each.

We stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Acapulco, check in 20 nov 2016, check out 22 nov 2016. 2 nights, 2 people, 2 queen size beds, 1 room.


1446mxn including all taxes, 72€ total, 36€ each.

We stayed at La Casa de Maria, check in 23 nov 2016, check out 24 nov 2016. 1 night, 2 people, 2 queen size beds, 1 room.

San Cristobal

1000mxn, 50€ total, 25€ each.

We stayed at Hotel San Martin, check in 25 nov 2016, check out 27 nov 2016. 2 nights, 2 people, 2 queen size beds, 1 room.


500mxn, 25€ total, 12.5€ each.

We stayed at Posada Nacha`n – Ka`an, check in 27 nov 2016, check out 28 nov 2016. 1 night, 2 people, 2 queen size beds, 1 room.


1000mxn, 50€ total, 25€ each.

We stayed at La Aurora Hotel Colonial, check in 29 nov 2016, check out 30 nov 2016. 1 night, 2 people, 2 queen size beds, 1 room.


1243mxn, 62€ total, 31€ each.

We stayed at Itour México Túlum, check in 30 nov 2016, check out 1 dec 2016. 1 night, 2 people, 2 queen size beds, 1 room.


7700mxn, 385€ total, 192€ each.

We stayed at Flamingo Cancun Resort, check in 1 dec 2016, check out 5 dec 2016. 4 nights, 2 people, 2 king size beds, 1 room.


Mexico City

400mxn, 20€ total, 10€ each. Taxi from and to the airport.


400mxn, 20€ total, 10€ each. Taxi from the airport to the Crowne Plaza Hotel. it’s a standard fare from the airport to the hotel’s zone.


2082mxn, 104€ total, 52€ each. Night bus from Acapulco to Mexico City and from there to Oaxaca.

San Cristobal

746mxn, 38€ total, 19€ each. Night bus from Oaxaca to San Cristobal. I can’t remember why there was a big discount on the tickets otherwise it would have cost about double the amount.


The trip to Palenque was “free” because we chose an excursion from San Cristobal to Palenque and we didn’t go back. The excursion cost 260mxn by the way.


1150mxn, 58€ total, 29€ each. Night bus from Palenque to Merida


13000mxn, 650€ total, 325€ each. Rental car.

In Merida we rented a car (a Hyundai Elantra) for 7 days with full protection and insurance for around 12000mxn (you could save a lot by chosing a basic insurance policy but I didn’t want to risk anything). All the toll fees were also included in the rental price.

From Merida to Cancun we stopped in: Izamal, Chichen Itza, Cenote Ik Kil, Valladolid, Cobà, Cenotes X’quequén y Samula, Tulum, Akumal, Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen. While in Cancun we used the car quite a lot and we once went back to Playa del Carmen. Lluckily, most of the hotels along the way had free parking. On paid parking and fuel refills only we spent about 1000mxn.

Escursions and activities


50mxn, 2.5€ total, 1.25€ each. Entrance fee to la quebrada cliff divers show.

800mxn, 40€ total, 20€ each. Scuba diving.


500mxn, 25€ total, 12.5€ each. Day trip with other people to El Tule, Teotitlàn del Valle, Hierve El Agua and Mitla. Minivan pick up and drop off at the hotel. Not included are the fee to enter and see the Tule tree (not mandatory), and 10mxn to enter the Hierve el Agua area (mandatory). Lunch was also not included.

2150mxn, 105€ total, 52.5€ each. Day trip to Pueblos Mancomunados. Private taxi pick up and drop off at the hotel. Breakfast was non included. Everything else was paid for including lunch.

San Cristobal, Palenque

500mxn, 25€ total, 12.5€ each. Day trip to Cañon del Sumidero and Chiapa de Corzo. Minivan pick up and drop off at the hotel. Lunch is not included.

260mxn, 13€ total, 6.5€ each. Day trip to Agua Azul, Misol Ha, Palenque ruins. Minivan pick up and drop off at the hotel. We stayed in Palenque but it was a round trip. Breakfast and lunch were not included.

500mxn, 25€ total, 12.5€ each. Afternoon trip to Roberto Barrios waterfalls. Minivan pick up and drop off at the hotel.


1600mxn, 80€, 40€ each. Visit to Chichen Itza, Cenote Ik Kil. Day parking, entrance to the ruins, visit to the cenote and the buffet lunch were included.

Tulum, Cobà

105mxn, 5.25€ total, about 3€ each. Visit to Cenotes X’quequén y Samula. There isn’t any real price as the people maintaining the sites are all volunteers, but leaving a tip is recommended. Between the parking tip, the guide tip and snorkeling equipment rental we spent 105mxn.

120mxn, 6€ total, 3€ each. Entrance fee to the Cobà ruins park.

250mxn, 12.5€ total, about 7€ each. Visit to Tulum ruins. 120mxn was for the car parking and 130mxn for the entrance fee.


120mxn, 6€ total, 3€ each. Snorkeling equipment rental.


1010mxn, 50.5€ total, 26€ each. Trip to Cozumel island from Playa del Carmen. 300mxn for the round trip ferry tickets, 100mxn car parking in Playa del Carmen, 610mxn motorbike rental in Cozumel.

Isla Mujeres

580mxn, 29€ total, 15€ each. Trip to Isla Mujeres from Punta Sam Ferry Terminal. 500mxn were for snorkeling.