Oaxaca is considered one of the best cities in Mexico with awesome food, a hectic market and endless tours possibilities. If you’re heading to the incredible place, you’re going to want to stay somewhere equally beautiful and comfortable. Some place clean with good beds to rest and recover your energies.

Hotel La Casa de Maria somehow encompasses everything that I love about hotels when I travel. Sure you can find cheaper places but you can’t beat this hotel in quality.

The Location

It starts with the location, as you can see on the map. It doesn’t get any better than that. Right in the city center (the Zocalo is a 5 minutes walk away) and yet close to the bus station (15 minutes walk).

Oaxaca – I’ve put a red cross where the ADO bus station is

The Room

Our room was not very spacious but adequate, clean and bright with a large window. The bathroom was also a good size, very clean and of modern design; the shower was incredible, with reliable, high pressure hot water all day and all night. The bed was the best feature: queen sized and very very comfortable! There was also a TV, a nice new closet and furniture to adequately fill the room.

The Wi-Fi and Extras

We had Wi-Fi in the room and a very fast one too. Also the bar was very cool and we got to see the NFL thursday night game on our last hous in Oaxaca.

The Staff

I have been treated so well by the people there at the point that five-stars reviews on booking and tripadvisor are not nearly enough! Sadly I can’t remember the names of those I met and helped me there but everyone, I mean everyone, was very kind and accommodating: ranging from last-minute calls to book our trips to allowing us to take a shower after check out for FREE, the hotel people went above and beyond to help us and therefore making our staying downright perfect.

The Costs

I booked via booking.com and we spent a total of 56€ (1.215,53 mxn) for a night there.