This is the first thing that pops up in Google when you search “what to do in Chiapas”. I already did my research before travelling to S. Cristobal so while there it was just a matter of finding the right place to book a tour to the canyon. I had never seen one before so I was kind of excited.

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We found out that day trips to Sumidero Canyon and of Chiapa de Corzo town leave daily from San Cristobal and, in my opinion, are very affordable. In one of our walks about town we stopped in one of the small travel agencies for info and they were selling the tour for $250 pesos per person (while through our hotel it was about $300 pesos if I remember correctly), we booked one for the day after. All the tours that were offered to us included transportation to and from San Cristobal, some free time in Chiapa de Corzo and a boat ride through the Sumidero Canyon, the tour we got had 2 hours of boat ride and, after that, 1 hour of free time. What I didn’t know before booking is that the canyon is more than just a river boat ride so, for those that have time, try to look for a tour that incorporates the miradores (lookout points) as well. There are a few of them offering fantastic views of the river and canyon but I didn’t know and I missed them.

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I didn’t know what to expect from the visit to the canyon and in the end it was impressive. During the boat tour you will see a lot of wild life, we saw a few crocodiles and A LOT of birds. When boarding the boat try to sit near the back, because that’s were the guide will be, and prefer the aisle seats so that you won’t get wet, but even if you do the water is very warm.  Our guide was very informative but of course he spoke spanish so I didn’t really understand everything he said but I got enough. Once the boat arrived at a dam in the northern part of the canyon where there is a hydroelectric power station, we turned around and headed back.