After the boat trip in the Sumidero canyon, the tour continued to Chiapa de Corzo where we had one hour of free time.

Chiapa de Corzo lies about 15 kilometers to the east of the state capital, Tuxtla Gutiérrez. Chiapa is important because the earliest inscribed date, the earliest form of hieroglyphic writing and the earliest Mesoamerican tomb burial have all been found here. Chiapa is also the site of the first Spanish city founded in Chiapas in 1528.

La Pila, photo from Wikipedia

We didn’t walk around much so we were only able to witness the main square. Luckily this plaza alone has a number of important landmarks. The largest and best known is the La Pila fountain. This was constructed in 1562 in Moorish style, made of brick in the form of a diamond. It measures fifty two meters in circumference and twelve meters in height. It has eight arches and a cylindrical tower which occasionally functioned as a watchtower.

La Pochota, photo from Wikipedia

Another important feature is the La Pochota kapok tree. According to tradition, the Spanish town was founded around this tree. He last feature is a clock tower which was constructed in the 1950s. The town’s main structures are centered on this plaza, including the municipal palace and the former home of governor Angel Albino Corzo, for whom the town is partially named. One side of the plaza is taken by the “portales” a series of arches initially built in the 18th century, which now contain a number of businesses. Unlike many towns, the main church does not face this plaza, it is set back from it about a block and so we didn’t see it.

We got in town near lunch time so after a short walk we stopped in a place that had tables in the street near the main square. We chose that particular place because it looked cheap, genuinely mexican and we were going to share the table with two pretty girls. The food was awesome and the girls friendly, actually one was from there and one from Playa del Carmen so she was able to give us some tips in advance, they even proposed to give us a lift back to San Cristobal but we stuck with the excursion van. When they went away some other young people came around, we started talking and found out that they were all staying in San Cristobal that night and that’s how we met Gabriele, Roxanne and Kiarna.