30 kilometers south-west of Palenque, just a short detour off the Ocosingo–Palenque road, Misol Ha is the meeting point for the waters of the river Tzaconeja and one of the most majestic images of the Chiapas state.

In the heart of the Chiapas jungle, the tourism center at Misol Ha is managed by an indigenous Chiapas community in charge of preserving the local flora and fauna, and at the same time providing you with the best guides to the surrounding landscape and wildlife.  The community offers accommodation in cabins, a range of restaurants, a crafts store, an ample parking lot and a lengthy walkway.

When we finally got to the waterfall my mind was blown. Misol Ha is a stunning 35m high waterfall dropping from a large, overhanging cliff with a tiny path underneath that makes it possible to walk behind the waterfall. This path also leads to a small cave in the cliff and normally, after paying a small fee you can visit the cave but at the time of our visit (late november) it was closed.

2016-11-27 13.06.53.jpg

As I headed down the concrete stairs to view Misol Ha Waterfall from the front, I carefully picked my way over the slick boulders littering the path to the pond under the cascade. The site also offers the possibility to swim in this pond but we didn’t do that either because the brown color of the water didn’t really encourage swimming! Maybe in another season it would have been bluer but it was awesome nevertheless.