As I’ve stated in another post, in my opinion Palenque city is to be skipped.

But just in case you decide to stay for some nights there anyway I’ll share my experience.

As for all the hotels where we stayed, I booked it months before going to Mexico. Using with various filters and after reading the reviews I chose the “Posada Nacha`n – Ka`an” hotel mainly because it is cheap, close to the bus station and the Parque Central, and the reviews are great.

The Location

From the bus station we walked to the Parque Central knowing it was close. There we started asking some locals but we got sent in different directions. I think that’s because this place has an unspeakable name that is similar to a dozen other hotels in the city, for example “Hotel Chan-Kah” where people kept pointing us.

Tired and sweaty we turned to Google Maps and since I couldn’t write the name properly I entered the address in the search field. Big mistake. The full address is “Av. 20 de Noviembre No. 25, Tercera Pte. Sur, Centro, 29960 Palenque, Chis., Mexico” but I entered only “Av. 20 de Noviembre 25, Palenque”. As you can see this address is on the other side of the city.


Either I don’t understand the Mexican street numeration or Google Maps has the numeration for the Av. 20 de Noviembre all wrong. So we were sent in the opposite direction where, luckily, a taxi driver pointed us to the hotel after telling us to go back immediately because that wasn’t a safe area!

The hotel sits just outside the central area of the city and, even though nothing happened to us, the street at night didn’t feel very safe.

The Room

The hotel doesn’t look good from outside and the reception is a mere desk with a woman sitting at it, but the room was a real surprise!

Everything was really clean, there were two comfortable queen-sized beds and the room was equipped with a brand new air conditioner.  The bathroom also was clean and more than adequate for our needs.

The Wi-Fi and Extras

This posada provides free wi-fi both in the common area and in the rooms. The wi-fi was reliable and fast.

There’s a PC that you can use free of charge in the reception area.

After checking out, before leaving for Merida we asked if we could take a shower. We learnt that the top floor is equipped like a hostel with a room with many beds and one big, very clean, common bathroom with showers. The cost of the shower was $10 pesos each.

They also have a locker service for the guests and it is free of charge.

The Staff

The ladies that manned the desk at the entrance were always very kind and accommodating.

The Costs

The cost of the room for one night was 500mxn (25€).