In case you missed it I’ve published a post reviewing the ADO buses and network in a previous post. Read more here: Exploring Mexico by Bus.

Here are some tips and one trick that you can use if you decide to go through Mexico by bus.

If you travel at night..

..always choose ADO Platinum or GL (when available).

As far as I’m concerned sleeping well is fundamental since I want to be very active during the day so unless saving a little money is worth not sleeping that’s the way to go.

The extra money is well worth it especially if you take into consideration that you are saving on the hotel for that night!

When choosing the seat..

..choose the first two seats in the front and so they have a lot of room for your legs, or, if you aren’t travelling in Platinum or GL class, in the back.

The last seats in the back are almost always empty because they are just in front of the WC so if you don’t have the luxury of a reclinable seat and provided that seat near yours is empty, you can lie down using two adjacent seats.

Bring your sweater..

..and possibly a pair of long pants. As I wrote before the drivers keep the AC on all the time and it can get cold. Most of the time I was good with only a sweater and short pants but there was one time that I was feeling cold with just that.

Always carry with you..

..water, toothbrush, toothpaste, wet wipes, a small towel, deodorant, some change and, if you need them, a spare of contact lenses and glasses.

At the arriving bus station there always is a bathroom where you can wash you face and clean up a little. These bathrooms are usually very clean but they are not free so keep you change handy because you will need it.

When booking..

..the hotel, choose one near the bus station. The bus station are always in a good central spot so picking a hotel near the bus station will allow you to travel by foot without getting tired of carrying your backpacks around.

Also if you know you are getting to the hotel early at morning, warn the hotel staff as soon as you can so that they can get your room ready for an early check in or at least give you access to a bathroom.